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Passion Changes Everything

Short history

Kia Ora!

The BHB Academy has been owner operated in Palmerston North since 1953. Most current hairdressers in the Manawatu region know the business well and started their training here.

We have now redirected the teaching & learning practises to a more Learner focused environment. Our business model is “Passion (Fashion) & Purpose (Relevance) before skill (Basic Skill)” this means we teach fashion work in blow waving, setting & Long Hair Ups well before the basic uniform layer sets & blow waves.

This primarily focuses on capturing the students enthusiasum, excitement and keeps them focused on attendance & application to learning. This year we have factored into the years diary “in house competitions” which we considered compulsary fun.

All student particiated & had enormous fun & excitement is preparing & prastising their mannequins to compete. All place getters won a place to compete in the local Manawatu Hairdressing Competitions in July.


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