Level 2 – Reduce

Disease is Contained but Risk of Community Transmission Remains

Salon, Barbershop and Makeup areas


Managing Attendance

BHB Academy salon, barbershop and makeup room is open for customers with physical distancing and strict hygiene practices in place.

Two metres physical distancing from people you don’t know

One-meter physical distancing in controlled environments

Hand sanitiser will be provided at entry and exit points of the Academystaff, students and customers are required to use this hand sanitiser as they enter the building each time


staff, students and customers will be required to keep physical distant where at all possible.

Mask wearing, hand washing and sanitising is mandatory for all staff and students. Please ensure you bring your own mask

Hand sanitiser will be provided in all classrooms

There are no size restrictions for theory classes at alert level 2, physical distancing requirements will be in place.

Students are required to only use their own pens.

Disinfectant spray will be in all classrooms and must be used on all high touch point surfaces upon the completion of each theory session.

All staff and students should return to on site attendance.

If Staff, Students or Customers are showing signs of COVID-like symptoms, they should remain at home and seek advice from their GP and Healthline. This may result in being advised to get tested for COVID-19

Distance learning is available for all students if they are required to stay home. Please be in contact with your tutor if this is required.

At BHB Academy our contract tracing is a mixture of Attendance register, visitor register and COVID Tracer App. These provide good information to health authorities if they need to contact people that might be considered a close contact of a confirmed case, and determine weather they will need to self-isolate.

All staff, students and customers are required  to sign in via the contact tracing app (QR codes are located at each entry point and at the reception desk) or by signing the paper based contact tracing sheet which is found on the reception desk.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Movement in and out of BHB Academy

Keeping you Informed

All high touch points will be sanitised during the day

In alert level 2 staff, students and customers will be required to model good hygiene practices (coughing into your elbow, handwashing and drying)

At alert level 2 no magazines or beverages will be available to customers. Customers are encouraged to bring their own

Visitors will be discouraged from coming on site unless absolutely necessary. If you do need to come on site you must sign in via the COVID tracer App or paper-based contact tracing form at the front reception. Please remain at the reception desk until you can be attended to.

No school assemblies will be held during alert level 2

In site meeting are OK with physical distancing.

In alert level 2, staff, student and customer wellbeing is our number one priority before any academic learning assessment takes place.

All updates from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education will be done Via Email

It is imperative that we look after ourselves and each other as we transition back into level 2.

There are many links to assist with our wellbeing on the Covid19.govt.nz website here.