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Please choose the qualification/course you are applying for.
Please note all BHB Academy courses are Full Time courses
Full legal name
Street Number and Name
If you don't know your National Student Number you can request this number by ringing NZQA on 0800 697 296, or by filling in a request form on the NZQA website:
You may need to supply evidence of residence or citizenship
For students with dual citizenship specify the country of citizenship of the passport used to enter New Zealand.
NB: BHB Academy is unable to enroll International Students. A domestic student is a citizen of NZ, Permanent Resident of NZ, or a citizen or permanent resident of Australia residing in NZ. Please refer to BHB Academy enrolment guide for further information on if you qualify as a domestic student.
What ethnic group(s) do you belong to? Tick up to three boxes that apply to you.
If you identified as Moari, what was the name of your Iwi? If you identify with more than one Iwi please enter all Iwi.
What was your main activity or occupation in New Zealand on the 1st of October prior to the start date of your programme starting?
Do you live with the effects of an injury, long-term illness, or impairment?
If you selected yes to having a disability or impairment, please indicate your condition/disability by ticking the boxes that apply to you.
* If you have answered Yes. BHB Academy will require you to complete a Request for Criminal History form. Having a criminal conviction does not ncessa sarily prohibit you from enroling at BHB Academy. BHB will review conviction history findings on a case-by-case basis. See BHB Academy enrolment guide for further information.
E.G 2016
E.G 2020
Your highest achievement may be a "traditional" award such as school certificate, or you may have achieved a number of credits or a National Certificate at a certain level on the National Qualifications Framework. Your NZQA record of achievement shows you the standards, credits, and qualifications you have achieved.
Do not include enrolments in community classes.
Alternatively, attach your academic transcript from the tertiary education organisation and/or a copy of your NZQA record of achievement.
Only the forms of ID stated are accepted. You must include either passport or birth certificate at a minimum and any other relevant to your situation.
PLEASE INCLUDE: Name of Bank, Name of Branch, Town of Bank