Star Programme

Star Programme

This an exciting programme run in conjunction with the High Schools.We offer a selection of Barber, Hairdressing, Makeup and retail skills that go towards NCEA qualifications (up to 20 credits).

We offer any school wanting to get involved with our already running programme Wednesday (Palmerston North) 9 am to 3 pm. This is a very successful programme as the students attend in mufti (Black & White) and 50% of their time at BHB Academy will be in the commercial salon/barbershop on real people and mannequins.

This is a very successful programme for students to have a taste of the Barber, hairdressing and Beauty industry and gain helpful unit standards towards NCEA.

All equipment is supplied to students

3+2 Transition – Fees Frees option

This is another option for school learners to come and study with us while at school. It can be designed case by case for the learner. They could do Star & Gateway study or even be enrol in one of the Level 3 full time programmes (Barber Hairdressing or Makeup) (60 – 120 credit programmes) and come just 2 days a week with any extended finish day to fit in with school activities.  This option is welcomed by most school and very worth while enquiringly at the school if they are prepared to release you to study a trade while you are still at school.

Gateway Programme

Gateway Programme is run in conjunction with the school system.

There are 7 units of 18 credits available but we recommend starting with a 4 unit package and extra units can be purchased and run simultaneously if the student is requiring more work to do.

We supply a Tutor to manage salon owners, students, career advisors to explain how the assessments will work.

This is an industry based intuitive and will be executed totally in a salon environment.

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